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Welcome to the LesMills Immersive Software online help system

Please have a look at the FAQ section for the most common questions that may arise on basic operation.

The manuals will give you a deeper understanding of the system. If you have a service inquiry regarding the software, just contact our fabulous support team.

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If the connect screen of the iPad app is not disappearing after a minute there’s likely no connection to the Mac.

First of all please turn on the keyboard and press „S“ and „Enter“ to start the player. If your projectors are switched on, have a look what the Mac player is showing. There should be the LesMills Immersive video loop.

Please follow this Troubleshooting Guide for a quick fix:

Troubleshooting Guide

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How do I switch on the iPad?

Your iPad is switched on by pressing its Home button. Ask you studio manager for the passcode if needed.

How do I switch on the video projectors?

On your iPad make sure the Les Mills Remote is running. Tap the button with the video projector on the left side to power on. (Its always worth a second try, if a projector didn’t react at first attempt.)
If your iPad can’t connect to the Mac, follow Troubleshooting.

(You can switch the projectors on and off with its remote control as well)

What if a projector shows a blue screen?

A blue screen at a projector means, it got no signal from the source.

  1. Check if the Mac is switched on.
  2. See if the projectors are powered. (Check status LEDs on the projectors front)
  3. Switch to Immersive mode at the very top of the remote.

If the problem consists, please do Troubleshooting

What if the Trip is not shown on all projectors?

  1. Select the designated scenario at the upper line of the iPad app. (only possible when there’s no movie running)
  2. Grab the keyboard, switch it on and quit the player by pressing Command+Q. The desktop should now be visible on all projectors.
  3. Start the player by clicking its icon at the dock.

What if I see the Macs desktop?

  1. If a dialog box is open, press Esc.
  2. Press Shift+Command+Q together to log out the user. (Note that the Command key might be labelled with the Windows logo.)
  3. Press „S“ followed by enter to login user „Showtime“.

What if I have no Audio?

  1. Reload the designated category by tapping on it at the very top (only possible when there’s no Trip movie running)
  2. See if the sound source is set correct (Immersive, Virtual, External)
  3. Check if your installed audio system is powered up
  • If Immersive is still silent: grab the keyboard, switch it on and raise the volume with the button at the top right.
  • If Virtual is silent see documentation of the Virtual player how to adjust audio.

Service Request

Before you consider to make a service request please take a little time to do basic troubleshooting.

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