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AOK - Selbsthilfefachtagung "Die Auswirkung des Klimawandels auf chronisch Kranke"


Hybrid conference format with participants from the economy, science and stakeholders to discuss and raise awareness of climate change for chronically ill people in Germany


Creation of the web apps, development of the user journey, participant management, moderation training, provision of the studio and event technology at the AOK premises in Berlin.

On 2 December 2022, starting at 10 a.m., this year’s self-help conference of the AOK Federal Association took place in Berlin and digitally. Chronically ill people are particularly hard hit by climate change, as the additional stress caused by rising heat periods places additional demands on the organism. With the symposium, the AOK wants to draw attention to this problem and make recommendations for action, which were developed together with experts from the health sector. The format consisted of expert lectures, interviews and an interactive phase where those affected and experts met digitally as well as on site in workshops to exchange ideas. Crossworks was engaged as the conference planner. In addition to the planning, we were allowed to design the web app as a digital meeting place for the people concerned and experts, as well as provide the local technical equipment for the event location, in the premises of the AOK publishing house in Berlin.

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