back to Works 2013 Adidas Casadacopa Showroom


2013 Adidas Casadacopa Showroom


Presentation of the official ball of the 2014 Football World Cup


Technical planning, trade coordination, technical management on site

The team created a dynamic sequence of rooms with the scenic highlight of a 3D mapping of the new match ball “Brazuca”. In the “Welcome Area”, the guests were first welcomed by brand coaches, where they received initial orientation and were introduced to multimedia content from past World Cup tournaments. The presentation of the new products took place in the “Brazil Experience Zone”, which was modelled on the Brazilian favelas.

In the “Jersey Mapping Room”, audio-visual content was conveyed by means of a 270-degree projection: the player outfits of 12 national teams were projected here as a 3D mapping onto player figures and enriched with information on the creation of the design and the teams’ countries of origin. The outfits could then be experienced haptically in the “Federation Zone”.

The most important element of the project, however, was the presentation of the match ball in the “official match ball room”. Four projectors threw visuals onto a blank ball – the match balls of past World Cups were recalled here and for a brief moment there was a sneak preview of the still secret match ball for Brazil.

HWC aussen 01 HWC BRAZIL EXPERIENCE 01 HWC BRAZIL EXPERIENCE 02 1 HWC BRAZIL EXPERIENCE 03 HWC FEDERATION ZONE 04 HWC Jersey Mapping 01 HWC Jersey Mapping 03 HWC OMB mapping02 HWC OMB mapping03 HWC OMB mapping04 HWC Shop in Shop 02 HWC Shop in Shop 03 HWC WELCOME AREA 01 Kopie HWC WELCOME AREA 02 HWC WELCOME AREA 03