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Proud to introduce: eSpace

The first customizable interaction app for your online event.

  • Hosting in Germany
  • DSGVO Compliant
  • Innovative match-making tools and interactions
  • Frontend freely customizable
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Made in Berlin!

There are no limits to our passion for the realization of events, even in the digital orbit.

We offer professional platform solutions for networking and interaction, as well as the scenic implementation of live stream formats with virtual / augmented reality. From conception, to content creation, to physical implementation, we cover all project phases.

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Individual Websites

We create an individual web app according to your wishes. The focus is always on the stream.

In addition, we want to make your digital event more tangible and interactive with helpful, optional tools. Through the option of the back channel, participants are actively involved in the event and can participate in the course of the event. Whether it’s voting, chats, networking, your attendees will enjoy customized entertainment according to your needs.

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Show me more!
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Manage your participants

Our attendee management takes the burden off you to manage the attendees in the digital orbit.

Besides the possibility to send individual access rights and invitations to the participants, we also actively support you with our support tool during the event and take technical and organizational hurdles off your shoulders.

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Content creation

Our greenbox studio technology opens up completely new possibilities in addition to the classic stage setups and sets standards in the field of content creation.

Perhaps you are familiar with this technology from film studios in Hollywood. We implement this technology in the digital event and let borders completely disappear. Whether on stage, in the factory, in the TV studio, or at the Wall Street. We create your individual 3D environments and are at your disposal for the show development with all our competence.

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No matter if you need a mobile green screen studio or a classic stage set with real sceneries.

We use the latest 4K camera and video direction technology to realize your event in broadcast quality as professionally as possible. You are streaming internationally? No problem, our multi-channel audio makes it possible that your event is translated live by simultaneous interpreters, the user itself decides which language they want to hear.

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Post Production

We are happy to provide you with your entire event as an on-demand solution, so that you achieve maximum reach, even if at the time of the event not all participants may be able to be there live. We are also happy to provide post production services for the creation of summaries and social media content.

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Security is nowhere as fragile and at the same time as important as on the Internet.

Our servers have the highest security standards and are certified according to the guidelines of the BSI and meet all requirements of the DSGVO for the protection of third party data. Our streams are maximally protected from third-party data use with token technology, if required. By meeting these standards, we are also able to conduct general meetings in accordance with applicable law.

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Investment Dialogue 2020

  • Baader Bank AG
  • Thema: International executive conference with 4 Worskhops und 200 speeches
  • Aufgabe: developing the web-app, execution on site at the Sofitel Munich

DZIF - Global AMR Hub 2020

  • Helmholtz Institute
  • Thema: Global science congress with 3 different timezones involved
  • Aufgabe: developing the web-app, execution on site at the Estrel Hotel Berlin

Kick-Off Meeting 2021

  • LR Health and Beauty Systems
  • Thema: Yearly Kick-Off Meeting for the forecast of 202 with over 8.000 participants
  • Aufgabe: Content creation and concept, execution of the virtual reality technology and streaming at the customers HQ

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2021

  • German Energy Agency
  • Thema: Worldwide event format over 5 days to discuss the global energy transition with 15.000 participants
  • Aufgabe: Overall technical project lead, web-app developing, execution of the streaming technology at the Telekom Berlin HQ

Living Democracy 2021

  • Federal Ministry of Family Affairs
  • Thema: Executive conference to the future of education in Germany with 300 participants
  • Aufgabe: Technical concept, building the web-app, UI / UX design

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