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For us, a good event starts long before it takes place. With years of experience and a broad network of service providers, we accompany you through all project phases and organise events that fit: the company, the target group, the timing, the budget.

We work nationally and internationally, we partner our clients and we value open, clear and respectful communication.
What do our clients appreciate about us? The feeling of being understood. Our short response times. Our pragmatic way of dealing with challenges. In recent years, a strong focus of our work has been on new ideas for digital space. This has resulted in CrossSpace, our full service product for virtual events.

Every event, whether “in real life” or virtual, is an opportunity to do what we love: Enabling positive encounters and enthusiasm, and hitting the heart in the process.

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We are aware of our responsibility as a company. Climate-conscious actions and activities are an essential part of our philosophy. In addition to reducing our emissions, we offset our consumption and invest the funds in climate-friendly projects. We are also happy to advise on the implementation of a climate-friendly event.