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Event Solution Architects

We understand events. Our goal is to provide the necessary security that you as a customer desire. From the conception to the execution of events and fixed installations, we accompany you and always have an open ear for your wishes. We do not believe in intransparency and see ourselves as architects of event technology.

We don’t care how others do it, what is important is what you want!

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Planless? Never mind, we'll help.


Proof of concept

Putting your ideas to a test.


Coordination and implementation.

Be a guest at your event.


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Independent, specialized, tailor made for you

Digital and hybrid events don't have to be boring.

With crossSpace we offer you the possibility to shift your event location into the digital orbit or to network it. We design a communication platform that makes it possible for your participants to network, to transport content effectively and to be digitally present at the event on site.

It doesn’t matter whether the event takes place with an audience or is streamed entirely online, we will find ways and means to give you maximum reach and interaction.

crossSpace is not a static platform, but rather a construction kit of useful tools, which is customised in your interest by our developers to a freely designable front end. This means that there are no limits to the possibilities and your creativity.

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Thank you for your trust !

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Event planing

Events in their complexity are our core competence. Where ordinary agency work reaches its limits, we come into play. We live event from the creation of creative concepts to the execution on site. Let us create an event together, where every visitor remembers with pleasure!

Plan a show?
Plan a show?
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Digital Events

Streaming something quickly was yesterday. Complex backends, high capacities and all that coupled with an international audience. Streaming is a great way to connect people worldwide, but its complexity should not be trivialized. We are happy to be your contact. From web programming to implementation, we are here for you!

See more!
See more!
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Fixed installation

Not all fixed installations are the same. We often encounter systems that are not designed to be sustainable, not close to the user. With our decades of experience in the event business, we know what matters. Easy-to-use systems that are scalable at short notice if required. That is sustainable. We would be happy to help you with this.

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Software development

Everyone uses it, everyone needs it! Without customized software solutions, we are all now incapable of acting. Your software projects are in good hands with us. Numerous international projects distinguish us and our competence.

Let’s talk about your next project!

Learn more
Learn more

Rethinking events.

Live Stream 2.0: Our Virtual Reality solution does not allow you to somehow hold your event despite the current limitations.

Quite the opposite! Entirely new concepts become possible. Resource-saving, climate-friendly, cost-effective, available and scalable.

Be curious, be different!

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Events in times of COVID-19

The current situation makes it a challenge to be able to conduct presence events in a legally flawless manner.

With our experience and through continuous training, we can offer you the professional preparation of hygiene and safety concepts. In an efficient way, a full protection of your employees and guests is guaranteed according to the currently valid regulations and laws.

You can calmly take care of the contents of your event, we will do the rest.

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